Daylight Savings Time Connected to Rise in Crashes

If you are one of the billions of people located all over the world who observe daylight savings time, recent research has demonstrated that the time change may have a significant impact on your health. People have considered whether moving clocks ahead is really beneficial for the public as a whole for many years.

There are, of course, clear benefits to moving the clock ahead. The extra daylight gives people more incentive to exercise after work if they choose to do so, and also saves on electricity, cuts back on crime, and decreases the number of traffic fatalities. However, some of the research available contradicts several of these claims. Opponents argue that there are health risks potentially associated with turning the clocks ahead, including those associated with lack of sleep and increase in heart attacks.

One of these researchers, a PhD candidate named Austin Smith, studied the national data on fatal car crashes that occurred between the years of 2002 and 2011 and made a presentation regarding his information at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. His research was to determine what really happens immediately after people reset their clocks in both the spring and the fall.

Smith compared the number of accidents that happened immediately before and after these time changes were made on each of the years mentioned as well as daylight savings changes that took place in some years but not in others.

Smith’s resulted showed that the number of accidents increased by six percent during the spring time change, but there was no increase whatsoever during the fall time change. The six percent increase affected six of the days following the actual time adjustment. For a variety of reasons, Smith believes that the increase in crashes is a direct result of drivers losing one hour of sleep and how there bodies deal with the time adjustment.

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