Foreclosure Solutions – Foreclosure Defense

A reality of our current times is that the American dream of home ownership is being reposed at an alarming rate and it is not always warranted or necessary. If you fall behind on the payments there are solutions to the problem. You can defend the lawsuit that has been filed against you. You can then ensure that all the fees and “magic” that appears on the documents is accurate and enforceable. Just because you were sued does not mean that you have no rights or options that may allow you to keep your house or make the transition as easy on you and your family as easy as possible. You options include(but are not limited to): Workouts, Loan Modifications, Short Sale, Delay and Pay, Bankruptcy.

Earlier in Shawn P. Quinnan’s career he represented a number of Banks and learned quite a bit about the best way to deal with Banks and other distinguished financial institutions. They are not good or bad(this is not always the case) they must follow the procedures to protect the investments of the investors. Sometimes they make mistakes, commit fraud and brake the law. (See Robo Signing Lawsuit, MERS Mess and Fraud Case) This allows for some clients to have a softer landing when they fall on hard times.