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Radiologists are medical professionals who evaluate and interpret diagnostic films, mammograms, sonograms, MRIs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and x-rays. No matter what the reason for admittance into the hospital is, radiologists almost always have something to do with the proper diagnosis and treatment for each patient. Unfortunately, this leaves plenty of room for error, resulting in tragic consequences such as severe personal injury and wrongful death.

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Diagnostic errors can substantially delay the appropriate treatment of a patient’s condition. Delayed diagnosis of cancer, for example, can result in the cancer spreading so widely that recovery from the condition is impossible. The progression of a disease results in higher medical bills, pain, and suffering for the patient and his or her family. These errors become increasingly likely in overworked and understaffed radiology departments, and when low-quality images serve as the basis for diagnosis.

Potential misinterpretations of sonograms, MRIs, mammograms, CT scans, x-rays, and ultrasounds include:

  • Failing to identify a fractured arm, wrist, spine, leg, hip, and ribs
  • Failing to diagnose the presence of cancer or tumors
  • Failing to diagnose an ulcer
  • Failing to diagnose intestinal perforations
  • Failing to diagnose internal bleeding
  • Failing to diagnose organ perforations
  • Failing to diagnose any prenatal condition, resulting in a birth injury

Despite medical advances, radiology error claims have increased in the state of Pennsylvania. The financial recovery of these claims is very often substantial because the injuries resulting from such errors can result in death. The financial, physical, and emotional burdens resulting from radiology errors are extensive. Using the help of an experienced personal injury attorney is an incredibly invaluable resource you and your loved ones need at this difficult time in your life.

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