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Juul'ing, Vaping, & E-Cigarette consumption has increased dramatically in the last decade. Companies throughout the space were quick to position vaping as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco consumption. Years after the initial craze started, we are now seeing the troubling consequences. Below is a list of the reasons why the Law Offices of Caputo & Mariotti are now accepting lawsuits related to vaping, Juuling, & consumption of e-cigarettes. Use the contact form on the right to tell us more about the case.

  • Deceptive Marketing Targeting Children
  • Withholding Crucial Information
  • Underestimating the Side Effects
  • Shady Business Practices
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It's obvious that the way companies marketed vaping ended up making the product increase consumption by minors. Flavored cigarettes were outlawed in 2009, yet there are seemingly unlimited vaping liquid choices.

With flavor options including juices with tastes very similar to popular candy, beverage, and food brands; the taste is a major factor in why young people prefer vaping to smoking.

The small size of certain vapes like the Juul makes it easier for devices to carried in people's pockets for discreet usage. Plus, with lots of flavor options, it's easier to mask the after use smell from teachers & parents. These reasons and more are why government agencies are investigating and even suing companies for these shady marketing practices.


There are both negative and positive effects to vaping. But as vaping was becoming popular, it was positioned as a way to quit smoking. While the responsibility falls on the user, this messaging can imply that vaping is safer than traditional tobacco consumption.

Studies from John's Hopkins conclude that while vaping is less harmful than smoking, there are still consequences to usage. Using nicotine vapes still exposes you to the addictive properties of nicotine. This may subject you to withdrawal symptoms, an increased risk of high blood pressure, and this may result in a stroke.

While vaping may be the safer option, it's not the solution to quit smoking since all it does is create a more lucrative way for people to use an objectively dangerous substance.

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