Workplace Injury Accidents

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The American workforce now numbers more than 105 million. According to a study by the National Safety Council, each year about 6 million of these workers are injured and another 6,000 lose their lives on the job.

The wholesale and retail trade and services industries experienced the greatest number of injuries, accounting for 32% of all reported incidents. The construction and manufacturing industries together ranked second, with about 10% of all cases.

Individuals employed in the agriculture, farming, and fishing industries have the highest frequency of injury, with about 7.4 illnesses and injuries per 100 workers. The finance, insurance, and real estate industries had the lowest rates of injury and illness.

Employers are legally obligated to provide a reasonably safe workplace for their workers. Typically, this means that proper training, safety of equipment, posting of warnings, and compliance with state and federal safety regulations must be observed. Caputo & Mariotti’s workplace injury attorneys have years of experience observing safety patterns in the workplace and know how to document workplace injuries and accidents.

The most common causes of workplace injuries include falling objects, workers falling from large heights, highway accidents, and other accidents involving cars, trucks, forklifts, factory machinery, other heavy construction equipment, electrocution, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Caputo & Mariotti’s workplace accident attorneys can help you if you have suffered an injury at your workplace such as:

  • A slip and fall
  • Repetitive stress, back strain, and other ergonomic injuries
  • A construction-related accident
  • An equipment malfunction
  • A motor vehicle accident
  • Lifting injuries
  • A mishandled needle stick in the hospital
  • Injuries traveling to work

Someone else’s negligence, sometimes that of an equipment manufacturer, often causes workplace injuries. In that situation, a separate civil suit may be brought against the negligent person or company for non-economic and economic damages. This is called a third-party suit. Your employer, however, cannot be subjected to a civil suit. All workplace injury claims must be handled through the workers’ compensation process.

If you successfully recover financial compensation from someone besides your employer, however, the insurer of your employer may seek to be reimbursed for the disability and medical care payments it had to make on your behalf. This is called a lien.

Your employer’s insurance company must reduce its reimbursement request to reflect the level of your employer’s fault. They may also receive a credit against future medical care payments, requiring you to first spend all of the money you recovered in the third party suit before they pay any additional medical bills you incur.

The amount of compensation you may receive depends on the type and classification of your disability:

  • Permanent total disability: 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage
  • Temporary total disability: 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage, up to 104 weeks
  • Permanent impairment benefits: 75% of you average weekly temporary total disability; impairment benefits are reduced by 50% each week the employee earns an amount equal to or greater than his or her average weekly wage.
  • Temporary partial disability: 80% of the difference between 80% of your average weekly wage and the wage you are able to earn after you have been injured, with a limit of 66 2/3% of you average weekly wage at the time of the accident.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury in the workplace, you may benefit from contacting a lawyer who can evaluate your case.

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