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November 6, 2022

When starting a business, you may have considered several options regarding the best business structure. If done wrong, you and your assets could be personally liable for the happenings of that business. However, forming the correct business entity and legally establishing your business will help reduce your risk. A business lawyer is essential to guide you through the process.

What is a Business Attorney?

A business attorney offers legal services and guidance in all facets of a business. A business lawyer assists you and your business, maintaining legal compliance and ensuring that all business activities are legitimate.

Business attorneys specialize in all business-related legal issues, such as contracts, commercial leases, advice on corporate structures, buying and selling businesses, and more. Many believe they will only require a corporate attorney if they are involved in a legal dispute. But, it can save you a lot of money to take preventative and protective measures before any conflicts arise.

What Types of Legal Services Do Business Lawyers Provide?

Although the service breakdown varies from business to business. Here are some typical services a business attorney may handle:

Launching a new business

– Your attorney will assist in choosing the proper business structure, and handle any paperwork required by the government. This assistance will help you save money, protect your personal assets, and receive tax advantages.


– A business owner must adhere to ongoing legal requirements. Mistakes could lead to trouble and money lost. A business lawyer will ensure that all deadlines and legal requirements are met.

Copyright Laws

– Copyright laws allow you to protect any original business concept or creation. These laws protect you from other people stealing or copying (without a license) your original concept. Copyright procedures can be efficiently handled for your company by a business attorney.


– A knowledgeable business attorney can manage issues and procedures concerning federal, state, and local taxes. Even if you need an accountant, a business attorney will make sure everything is compliant and above board.

Contract Law

– Things might become problematic when one side doesn’t fulfill its commitments or duties. A business lawyer will resolve any contract issues that may arise. This also includes writing proper legal contracts, NDAs, or fixing disputes by contract violators.

Consulting with A Business Attorney For All Business Affairs

We have the resources and expertise you require if you’re seeking a “business attorney near me“. Caputo and Mariotti are prepared to handle a variety of commercial issues, from straightforward litigation to intricate individual business affairs. Contact us today.

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