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Recent Verdicts and Settlements

Long ago, we at Caputo & Mariotti decided to enter the field of law to serve justice to those who are owed it. Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to fight hard and get the verdicts and settlements that our clients deserve. Caputo & Mariotti’s team has successfully been awarded tens of millions of dollars in disclosed settlements to date. We ask you to review some of the results that have been awarded in the past to understand how Caputo & Mariotti can serve you right now & in the future. Place your trust in us so you can get justice.

$900,000.00 recovered for a nine-year old boy

Traumatic Brain Injury- $900,000.00 recovered for a nine-year old boy who sustained a traumatic brain injury in an intersection collision.

The settlement was the maximum recoverable under all insurance policies. Caputo & Mariotti were able to force the insurance carrier to increase the available coverage from $325,000.00 to $900,000.00 by discovering a technical violation of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law by the insurer when they issued the policy of insurance.

$2.25 Million award for a 15 year old girl

$2.25 Million award for a 15 year old girl who was run over by the driver of the vehicle she had just exited. The driver was in a hurry and caused her to suffer a broken pelvis and severe Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

$200,000.00 Jury Award

$200,000.00 Jury Award, March 2011, for future medical bills on behalf of a client who sustained injuries in a car accident. Although the client continued to work, she could not do so without ongoing medical care.

$2.5 Million Class Action Settlement

$2.5 Million Class Action Settlement with a National Tax preparation company for failing to disclose reasonable alternatives to various unnecessary fees they required to be paid by clients. Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

$9 Million Class Action Settlement

$9 Million Class Action Settlement with a Nationwide retailer for failing to pay overtime to hourly employees according to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This case was litigated in both the US District Courts for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the US District Courts for the Eastern District of Ohio.

$7 Million Settlement

$7 Million settlement with 6 Different National Auto Insurance Companies for failing to provide a mandatory discount on Auto Insurance Policies.

Over $20 Million recovered for victims of dangerous and defective drugs.

$600,000.00 Settlement

$600,000.00 Settlement for a victim who was rear ended by a speeding tractor trailer.

$600,000.00 Settlement

$600,000.00 settlement for a construction site accident resulting in a herniated disc.

Defective Medical Products such as Knee Replacements, Surgical Mesh and Hip replacement cases currently pending in the US District Courts for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

$270,000.00 Arbitration Award

$270,000.00 Arbitration award for failure to supervise children at a lock in.

A church failed to properly supervise 13 and 14 year old’s at a church lock in by allowing them to play flashlight tag outside of the building on grounds which they were unfamiliar with. Our client sustained a serious cut and subsequent infection which required extensive treatment.

$300,000.00 Young Man

$300,000.00 for a young man injured in a car accident who sustained bulging discs in his low back

$600,000.00 Recovered for a Client

$600,000.00 recovered for a client who was injured in an industrial accident when a set of stairs on a trailer collapsed.

$800,000.00 Settlement of a Bad Faith Case

$800,000.00 settlement of a Bad faith case against an insurance company who wrongfully accused the homeowner of arson and refused to pay the full value of his home.

Undisclosed Settlement

Undisclosed settlement for the death of a female high school student killed when she was ejected from the car she was in, as a result of the underage driver of the vehicle being served alcohol by a careless adult.

$175,000.00 Workers Compensation Settlement

$175,000.00 Workers compensation settlement for a truck driver injured on the job.

Social Security Award to Victims of Chernobyl

Social Security award to victims of Chernobyl radiation disaster, for various radiation exposure illnesses.

$4.25 Million for a young family who lost their baby during child birth.

The claim resulted from a local Hospital’s failure to properly monitor and respond to warning signs that the baby was in distress resulting in the baby being still born.

$175,000.00 for a fall down

$175,000.00 for a fall down in a local Big Box retailer’s parking lot resulting in a knee injury requiring surgery.

$375,000.00 for a middle aged woman

$375,000.00 for a middle aged woman who aggravated her pre-existing back condition in a school bus accident where a driver pulled in front of the bus casing the Bus to collide with the other vehicle.

$900,00.00 for a man who slipped on icy steps

$900,00.00 for a man who slipped on icy steps at a local financial institution and required numerous surgeries.

Successfully litigated a case against the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Successfully litigated a case against the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services on behalf of a deceased client’s estate where the Department was seeking to enforce a lien of $272,000.00 against the Estate. The firm successfully reduce the amount to be paid back to the Department to $110,000.00 saving the family $160,000.00.