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Above all, everyone is out in the world seeking some sort of happiness. For instance, some find it in their hobbies, work, or relationships with people. However, the American Psychological Association estimates nearly 40% to 50% of American couples divorce or annul their marriage. As you can see, realizing the person you wanted to spend your life isn’t “the one” is tough enough. However, if you’re seriously considering getting a divorce, you have your reasons. Above all, you need to make sure your interests are protected. So, consulting with a Scranton divorce lawyer at Caputo & Mariotti is an important first step.

Why Do You Need Divorce Lawyers in Scranton PA

First, there are so many divorce lawyers in Scranton PA because there’s a lot of divorces. For instance, there were over 33,000 divorces throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2018. In addition, there were nearly 71,000 marriages in 2018. As you can see, the national numbers mirror local numbers closely.

However, divorce isn’t the only avenue to take regarding your marriage. For instance, if you believe your marriage wasn’t legally binding, you may opt for an annulment. Similarly, if you think taking a break may be your best course, you can go through separation without breaking off the marriage. However, if you’re considering filing for divorce, there’s more than likely a valid explanation for doing so.

So, now that we recognize the need to move forward with your life, divorce protects what you have and recoups what you’re owed. In addition, now that you’re at this point, it’s important to know what divorce lawyers in Scranton PA are able to do for you.

What Divorce Lawyers in Scranton Help You With

Establish The Grounds for Divorce

In every state, there are different laws you need to follow when initially filing. For instance, Pennsylvania requires you to determine the grounds in which you have for pursuing this action. As a result, the law allows for both no-fault divorces and fault divorces.

What Constitutes a No-Fault Divorce?
  • An agreement between the couple that the marriage is irreparably broken.
  • When a mental disorder leads to a spouse being held in a mental institution for a minimum of 18 months. In addition, their chances for being released need to be very low in the 18 months following the divorce.
  • One spouse says that the marriage is irreparably broken so they file an affidavit saying the couple has lived separately for at least two years.
What Constitutes a Fault  Divorce?

A fault divorce can occur when one or both members of the couple commit acts of adultery, bigamous marriage, and/or deserts the home for at least a year. In addition, there are other cruel treatments and life-endangering reasons one could have grounds for a fault divorce.


Creating a Custody & Child Support Plan

Unfortunately, most of the times in divorce cases children can be involved. In cases with children affected, the most important thing is to account for their well-being. So, divorce lawyers in Scranton can help you create a plan for your children that gives them the support and care they deserve. A Scranton pa divorce attorney at Caputo & Mariotti will give you all the options and make sure everything is done in your child's best interest. 


Outlining Assets, Property Division, and Compensation

The end of a marriage also means the end of joint ownership of properties. As you can see, this can include items such as real estate, financial holdings, and/or material possessions. However, oftentimes spouses will go to extraordinary lengths to not provide a clear picture of the assets they hold.

Divorce lawyers in Scranton PA are able to obtain a clear picture of all assets involved in a divorce. In addition, they’ll help to negotiate the division of these assets or even file for compensation one party may owe the other. Often, divorce cases may not make it to court since couples find it easier to negotiate.

Why We’re The Best Scranton PA Divorce Attorney

Above all, the Law Offices of Caputo & Mariotti are here to make sure you’re protected in these tough times. Therefore, we’re constantly keeping up with the changing divorce laws. In addition, we have decades of combined experience with divorce cases in which we’ve helped obtain fair compensation for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Scranton PA divorce attorneys.