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Accidents Involving Heavy Trucking

April 4, 2019

Cases involving accidents with interstate trucking are handled very differently from those involving a typical car accident. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCS) regulations are at the heart of most, and it is very important that your representatives have complete familiarity with them.

Our Truck Accident attorneys have an intimate understanding of the business practices, insurance coverages, and technology associated with interstate trucking, and are also able to discover electronic and written driver records.

Unfortunately, death and serious injury commonly occur as a result of tractor-trailer accidents involving passenger vehicles. These cases typically require expert testimonies, as trucking companies almost always send out accident investigators to do everything they can to limit the trucking company’s liability. Because of this, your representation needs to work quickly in order to preserve evidence and to document the facts of the accident.

There are a variety of reasons that trucking accidents occur. One very common reason is driver negligence. Seat belt malfunctions and crushed roofs are other regular occurrences. A common example of driver negligence occurs when a driver does not secure a load properly, which can cause additional damage if an accident should occur. Any unsecured load can easily crash through a vehicle’s window and seriously injure or kill its driver and/or passengers.

If you have recently been involved in an accident with a semi or tractor-trailer, please contact Caputo and Mariotti today. We have the experience with heavy trucking you need in order to get the representation you deserve.

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