Pennsylvania Bankruptcy by Bankruptcy Protection Lawyers

Bankruptcy- The Last line of Defense and Sometimes the First.

People do not decide to file Bankruptcy. They conclude it is the least horrible thing to do. It is not fun. It is not exiting. It is a dry analysis of you financial problems (these are called Debts-what you owe) and a determination that you are not going to be able to pay your debts.

So let’s stop wasting everyone’s time. You list what you owe. You list what you own. You list what you earn. You basically prove that you cannot pay the debts. You appear at a hearing and answer questions about your paperwork (The Bankruptcy Schedules and forms). You do not lie. If everything has been prepared appropriately you receive a discharge.

You can try to work with a credit counseling company but that usually ends in default or bankruptcy. Clients eventually decide they need all their resources to survive.

This is of course the most simplified manner of describing Bankruptcy that I can describe. A more detailed summary is found in the forms or the Long Summary herein.