Cardiology Errors

Scranton, Pennsylvania Cardiology Lawyers

If caught early, heart disease is treatable.  Unfortunately, it’s misdiagnosed quite often.  Despite all the advances of medical technology, doctors still make imperfect decisions that can result in significant pain, and even death.  Consequently, errors in cardiology are a common type of medical malpractice litigation.  A patient who suffers a heart attack that was preventable, or someone who has their heart attack misdiagnosed, can suffer substantial personal injury, and possibly wrongful death.

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Although cardiology is complex, we have found there are three common types of unjustifiable medical errors:

  • Failure to prevent a heart attack.  Symptoms of a heart attack are very obvious and should be easily observed by any doctor.  These symptoms include a loss of breath, trouble breathing, chest pains, sweating, nausea, high blood pressure, and pain in the left arm.  Doctors who fail to order tests (such as a stress test, EKG, EEG, balloon surgery, blood test, angioplasty, or coronary bypass surgery) in response to these symptoms can be held liable for the financial damages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and any other personal injuries that result.
  • Misdiagnosis of a heart attack:  Heart attack symptoms are one of the most commonly reported problems in emergency rooms.  Immediate treatments are necessary to save a person’s life and prevent further damage, requiring prompt actions from doctors.
  • Injury as a result of cardiac-related surgery:  Cardiologists perform many cardiac-related surgeries, including coronary bypasses, valve replacements, stent replacements, and cardiac catheterizations.  This type of surgery often requires the disruption of blood flow, which, if not done properly, can result in cardiac tampone, which is when blood surrounds the heart.

Anesthesia is typically required in most heart surgeries.  Nurses, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals may not have the necessary experience to properly administer anesthesia to patients.

The heart is a delicate organ.  Even a simple surgical error can result in disastrous personal injury, or possibly even wrongful death.

If you or your loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice in the area of cardiology, you may be entitled to financial compensation for damages such as lost wages and medical expenses.  For a FREE CONSULTATION, call Caputo & Mariotti today at (570) 342-9999, or use our online contact form.

The statute of limitations may be running out on your claim, so be sure to act quickly.