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November 6, 2022

According to conventional real estate thinking, inspect a property before you purchase it. However, some homebuyers soften their offers by forgoing an inspection due to the residential market competitiveness. The buyer’s post-sale legal rights over the property are impacted by this strategy, even if it may help the buyer win the battle of offers.

In this article, our real estate attorneys discuss why homebuyers choose to waive home inspections and the risks involved.

What Is An Inspection Contingency Clause?

A condition in the purchase agreement known as a “home inspection contingency clause” states that the buyer may conduct a thorough inspection of the property before deciding whether to proceed with the purchase.

This inspection clause allows the buyer to inspect the property and adjust the purchasing price accordingly, request repairs, or void the offer altogether.

Why do Homebuyers Waive Inspections?

The following are the common justifications for waiving the home inspection contingency:

● You’re attempting to purchase a property in a robust real estate market.

● You have a history of investing in real estate.

● You have undergone several renovations.

● Before you submit an offer, a contractor you have on board will examine the property.

● You want to reduce the cost of house inspection.

You can still get a house inspection after waiving the inspection condition. But this implies you won’t be able to utilize inspection findings to bargain with the seller over repairs or price. You still have the option to leave if the inspection reveals something that makes you want to do so.

Reasons to Get the Inspection

Calmness of mind

Purchasing a property can be stressful. Not knowing the state of your new purchase may make things even more stressful. Knowing where your house falls short and where it excels can give you far more peace of mind.


Home inspectors that are qualified and licensed may be a terrific educational resource. A professional’s recommendations on upkeep and repairs might save you money in the long run.

Identifies Possible Security Problems

The items in a home that might adversely influence you and your family are frequently things that are difficult to notice from the outside. An assessment of the house will reveal concerns including poor wiring, mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and structural difficulties. Even something as basic as leaking pipes might eventually lead to mold, endangering your family.

What are the risks of rejecting a home inspection?

There are significant hazards if you decide to forego a home inspection as a buyer. Some of the biggest dangers include the following:

● You run the risk of missing hidden damage and issues.

● You can have trouble insuring your property.

● You could have trouble selling the house.

● You could have trouble negotiating.

● You could find it difficult to walk away.

● Being unable to cancel the contract due to inspection findings.

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