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How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

August 31, 2021

If you’re wondering how to choose a personal injury lawyer that is qualified and capable of representing you in court, we’ve created this helpful informational piece just for you. Many people find themselves in need of an attorney when they least expect it, especially when they’ve been hurt. Everywhere you look their commercials and billboards by law firms all claiming to be the “best personal injury lawyer.” But clearly, not all lawyers are equal, and we’re here to help you find the personal injury attorney you need to protect your rights.

What is Your Criteria?

Spend some time thinking about what needs and wants you may have when it comes to selecting a personal injury lawyer. How far are you willing to travel to see your lawyer? If distance is a factor, be conscious of whether your potential candidates are close enough for you.

What type of case do you have and does this lawyer have an excellent track record in these types of cases? You should never settle for a lawyer who isn’t an expert in the line of representation you need.

Is your lawyer licensed in your state? Never take this for granted. Always make sure you do you research to ensure your lawyer has required licensing.

Make a Lawyer List

There’s a lot of available information if you’re looking for a reputable lawyer, and many places to get valuable insights.

Family and Friends: start with asking for referrals from family members and friends who have needed personal injury lawyers in the past. Getting honest feedback from people you trust is a powerful resource for finding a good personal injury.
Google: searching Google is another great way to find qualified candidates. Google also tailors it’s search results so that lawyers closest to you will be displayed in both regular search results and Google maps, so if distance is a factor, this can ensure your lawyer of choice is close to you.
Directors: lawyer directories offer a comprehensive list of personal injury lawyers, along with other basic information. Be aware that there are both paid and unpaid directory listings when you are searching for you new lawyer.

Create a Short List

Once you have your list it’s time to dig in a little more and do some additional research. What do all these lawyers have in common and what makes them different? What sets the best lawyers apart from all the other options on your list? This can often be online reviews or information you find online from press coverage. This step is critical so you can make sure the lawyers you have for your short list are absolutely the best options. Once you’ve done your research, eliminate candidates that don’t rise to the top and cut your list down to three or four lawyers that look as though they may be a good fit.

Contact Lawyers

Now comes the outreach. All you need to do is visit each attorney website (or just google their contact information) and either call them, send them an email, or fill out the contact form on the attorney’s website. Once you’ve established some communication with them, think about whether this is someone that you can see yourself working with in the future. If so, set up meetings with one or several attorneys you’d like to talk with further.

Meet with Lawyers

Your meetings should focus more on whether a particular attorney is the right fit for you, which means you should have questions prepared in advance. Think of this as an interview. Come prepared with whatever paperwork you may need, ask thoughtful questions and measure each attorney’s feedback to narrow down your choices.

Get Started

At this point you have a clear idea of which attorney is the best personal injury lawyer to meet your needs, and you’ll be ready to move forward with the paperwork necessary to get started.

If you or someone you know have been injured and are in need of a personal injury lawyer, reach out to Caputo Mariotti today. We make the decision process easy and we’re ready to serve you and protect your rights.

how to choose a personal injury lawyer

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