First Wright Hip Implant Trial Awards $4.5 Million

Metal hip implant patient, Alan Warner, has been awarded $4.5 million in the first Wright hip implant trial. The California jury made this decision in favor of Warner and his wife after finding that he was caused pain and suffering due to Wright’s defective implant.

The defect found in the implant caused a failure that injured both Warner and his wife. However Wright was not found negligent in designing the Profemur R implant by the jurors hearing the case. Although Warner received $4 million for both past and future suffering, including mental anguish, he was not awarded any damages to cover his medical expenses. For the injuries received due to the hip plant failure, Warner’s wife received $500,000.

According to the victim’s testimony, his injury occurred as he went to get a new cup of coffee from his kitchen and the implant failed, leaving him in excruciating pain. Warner then had to undergo extensive surgery to repair the damage caused by the defective implant, which reportedly broke at the stem of the implant. The Wright implant has typically experienced breaks in other parts of the unit, such as the neck, or has infected the bloodstreams and contaminated the hip capsules of other patients with cobalt and chromium due to other defective issues.

Warner’s trial is the first of over 600 pending cases which all involve the failure of Wright’s metal on metal hip implant, which has repeatedly failed causing significant harm to hundreds of individuals.

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