Gastric Bypass Surgery

Scranton, Pennsylvania Gastric Bypass Lawyers

Our nation’s obesity rate continues to skyrocket. As a result, the rate of gastric bypass surgery has also dramatically increased. Despite increases in medical technology, gastric bypass surgery remains a very risky proposition. The potential for medical negligence and liability is very present, and it’s not uncommon for patients to suffer severe internal injuries from gastric bypass operations.

If you have been injured by a surgeon during gastric bypass surgery, or if you have had a loved one die from this procedure, you may be legally entitled to financial damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and other compensation. Call Caputo & Mariotti’s medical malpractice attorneys at (570) 342-9999, or use our online contact form right now for a FREE CONSULTATION! We are here to help you, and we believe that in providing the best in customer service and client representation.

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Injury can occur during and after any operation. Some injuries you may receive from this operation include:

  • Digestive complications
  • Inadequate nutritional intake
  • Separation of surgically reattached intestine
  • Gallstones
  • Iron deficiency
  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Protein malnutrition
  • Marginal ulceration
  • Bleeding
  • Gastritis
  • Death

Gastric bypass surgeries involve a high death rate. A recent university’s studies estimate up to 1 in 50 people may die as a result of gastric bypass surgery. This number increases to 5 in 50 if the surgeon lacks experience. Because this surgery requires anesthesia, it carries additional risk. Patients can suffer lifelong health effects resulting from heart attacks, strokes, brain damage, and ultimately, they may also die.

Because of the danger of gastric bypass operations, not everyone should consider having this surgery. Patients who have suffered physical injury or who have lost a loved one should contact a gastric bypass attorney for a thorough examination of their medical records.

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