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August 29, 2022

Caretakers who hurt residents in long-term care facilities constitute nursing home abuse cases. Abuse can refer to both intentional and unintended injury. Trauma, medical issues, and even death may ensue from it.

These cases take place between the attorneys defending the abused nursing home resident and the nursing home on whose property the abuse took place. If a settlement for a nursing home abuse lawsuit cannot be reached, the nursing home abuse lawsuit may initiate in court, where a judge or jury will render a verdict and the victim can be entitled to nursing home abuse compensation.

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Understanding Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlements

Nursing home abuse lawsuits can have a range of outcomes. The Nursing abuse lawsuit might be dropped in some circumstances, there might be a settlement or summary judgment, or the matter might go to trial. The lawsuit might enter arbitration or mediation in some circumstances. Every case is unique. If a settlement is eventually reached, the plaintiff will consent to accept a specific sum of money in exchange for the action being dropped.

Nursing home abuse settlements take place outside of the courts, therefore a trial is not necessary to reach a verdict. At Caputo & Mariotti, our nursing home abuse attorney will fight fiercely and do all possible to secure the largest nursing home settlement on your behalf.

Concluding a Case

The best method to handle the litigation, in the opinion of many victims of nursing home abuse and their families, is through a settlement. They can save a significant amount of time and are typically less expensive than having the matter go to trial. A verdict for those who go to trial could take years.

Advantages of a Settlement

In contrast to a trial, a settlement allows the plaintiff to accept a certain sum of money as nursing abuse compensation. In many cases, a settlement is preferable to a full trial for individuals who lack a significant body of evidence. Other advantages of settling may include:

  • lessening the plaintiff’s and other parties’ stress levels.
  • In contrast to a trial, where the record is made public, everyone involved can keep their anonymity throughout their settlement.
  • Going for a settlement offers much more freedom than a trial can ever hope to.
  • The losing side has no right to appeal because it is a final judgment.
  • Additionally, no one is convicted, which would be recorded in the criminal file of the guilty party.

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