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November 6, 2022

There are several unfair biases against motorcycle riders. Bias towards motorcycles may unjustly affect a victim’s injury claim. Insurance companies, law enforcement, and juries frequently presume that the participating rider was at least somewhat at fault after a motorbike accident. Victims of this bias need a competent motorcycle accident lawyer at the Caputo & Mariotti Law Offices.

Bias Against Motorcyclists In A Personal Injury Claim

There are widespread biases toward motorcycle riders. People perceive motorcycles are difficult to see, driven too quickly, and operated by careless teenagers or rowdy gang members. These biases result from a small number of accidents with reckless motorcycle riders. Most riders behave similarly to other motorists. They act responsibly for both their own and others’ safety.

Unfortunately, when we witness that one irresponsible motorcycle who speeds dangerously, weaves in and out of traffic, and passes recklessly on the right or in a no-passing zone, we forget about all the cautious responsible motorcyclists.

One careless driver shapes our perception of ALL motorcycle riders. Because they are painful to witness, these individuals and situations stick in our memories. We become protective and uneasy around motorbikes because of them. Ultimately, we find motorbikes to be unpleasant and they strongly arouse negative feelings.

Overcoming Bias Against Motorcyclists

Finding the problematic aspects of each case, isolating them, and refuting each one with convincing evidence and arguments is necessary to overcome jury and witness bias. To overcome this bias, it will probably be necessary to take pictures, draw diagrams of the scenario, and carefully measure the pertinent sightlines and distances.

Consequences Of Bias In A Motorcycle Accident Claim

From the accident scene to the courtrooms in a motorcycle accident claim, motorcycle bias is there at every stage. The following are the detrimental effects of motorcycling bias on your claim:

● Your claim will be undervalued by insurance companies.

● Authorities make false remarks, especially if you are unable to submit your statement.

● An unfair reward.

● A biased judge and jury might give a decision against you.

● Incorrect witness and other road user reports.

Getting Rid of Bias to Get Compensation

Allowing the information to speak for itself is the greatest method to combat these preconceived biases. Motorcycle accident police records are more prone to ineffective police investigations and police reports with weak justifications.
If such is the case, our legal team may conduct its investigation, review all of the facts, and create a compelling argument to defend your rights and assist you in obtaining the compensation you are due.
The overall compensation amount may be impacted if an insurance company thinks they can utilize the fact that a collision victim was a biker to persuade the jury of the irresponsibility of motorcyclists.
For your best chance at a fair case, contact our motorcycle accident attorney at the Caputo & Mariotti Law Offices today!

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