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August 29, 2022

When a business is engaged in a legal issue, this is known as business or commercial litigation. With so many various forms of disputes, commercial litigation cases may be rather complicated. It is important to talk to a skilled commercial litigation lawyer in Pennsylvania at Caputo & Mariotti who can grasp your business and guide you through the courtroom proceedings.

What is Commercial and Business Litigation?

The different sorts of commercial litigation cases that can occur in the setting of business are included in the field of law known as commercial litigation, also known as business litigation. These instances involve conflicts such as contract breaches, disagreements involving partnerships and joint ventures, class actions, commercial torts, civil litigation, fiduciary obligation breaches, and shareholder-to-shareholder disputes. These are all governed by commercial litigation law.

Unlike consumer litigation, where there is a clear plaintiff and a clear defendant, business-to-business litigation frequently includes claims and defenses on both sides. This is because it is uncommon for a contractual dispute to develop without both parties having a hand in the resulting argument.

The multiplicity of locations in which commercial litigation might take place is another aspect. The parties to such conflicts may appear in state court, federal court, private arbitration, or administrative proceedings because the majority of business litigation is the result of some form of contract or agreement.To properly comprehend the complicated issues that develop, meetings and phone calls will be necessary.

Types of Commercial and Business Litigation We Handle

Business litigation and commercial litigation are catch-all terms that can be used to describe a wildly varied range of legal proceedings, from shareholder conflicts to product liability claims. The following list of business and commercial torts may be the most typical:

  • Conflicts between partners or shareholders
  • Violation of a contract
  • Purchaser fraud
  • Cases involving personal injury and defective products
  • Disputes around intellectual property
  • Lawsuits for unfair competition
  • Interference with commercial partnerships
  • Class actions
  • A data breach or cybersecurity litigation
  • Various securities litigation types
  • Tax disputes
  • Litigation between creditors or debtors
  • Insurance litigation or bad faith claims
  • Environmental court cases
  • Conflicts over zoning or land use

Make Use Of A Commercial And Business Litigation Attorney

In a variety of commercial litigation lawsuits, your insurance provider will represent you. The interests of your insurance provider and those of your organization might not, however, coincide in some circumstances. Even if it hurts your business, the insurance company will typically use the legal strategy that will cost them the least amount of money.

The business you’ve worked so hard to develop can be protected if you have your Pennsylvania commercial litigation attorney at Caputo & Mariotti, who is dedicated to acting in your best interests rather than that of the insurance company. Contact our Pennsylvania litigation lawyers to assist you in these cases.

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