Northeastern Pennsylvania Surgical Mistakes Lawyers

All surgeries carry a certain level of risk. Even when you have competent, professional care, the possibility exists for negative results, and possible post-surgery complications.Understandably, most patients don’t plan on having surgical mistakes or errors. Anyone who chooses to place their life in the hands of a Pennsylvania surgeon expects expert and competent medical care, including the ability to manage all medical staff. Unfortunately, surgical errors are much more common than you might anticipate. Many can be easily corrected, while others result in serious injury or death.

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Many surgical errors do not result from surgical complication. Instead, they result from medical professional negligence. Types of surgical errors include:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer or other illness
  • Failure to remove objects such as surgical instruments or sponges from the patient’s body, resulting in infection or even death.
  • Anesthesia errors that result in permanent brain damage, heart attack, stroke, and death.
  • Failing to obtain patient informed consent in respect to a particular surgical procedure.
  • Bowel perforation.
  • Gastric bypass surgery that results in blood clots, infections, and heart attacks.
  • Severing a nerve.
  • Failing to monitor for sepsis during and after surgery.
  • Penetration and damage of eye tissue during eye surgery.
  • Severing the ureter during a hysterectomy.
  • Back surgery errors that result in permanent spinal cord injury.
  • Operating on the wrong area of the patient or the wrong patient entirely.
  • Failing to use sterile equipment.
  • Damaging and puncturing nearby organs.

Many surgical mistakes can be traced back to poor pre-operation care and planning. Doctors must thoroughly investigate each patient’s medical history, medication, and lifestyle choices before determining what surgical course should be taken. Surgeons must ensure patient safety by extensively monitoring the surgical team. The surgeon and his team must be experienced and competent enough to minimize any potential risk of surgical error.

Unfortunately, surgical errors happen often. If you or your loved one has been a victim of surgical error, you may be entitled to extensive medical expenses. Call Caputo & Mariotti’s medical malpractice attorneys at (570) 342-9999, or use our online contact form to contact us now for a FREE Consultation.