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August 29, 2022

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania can be dangerous. They could happen for a variety of causes and in any kind of weather. Drivers in the smaller vehicle are particularly vulnerable to severe injuries and possibly death in a big rig versus passenger car scenarios.

Truck accidents that seriously hurt or kill car drivers and passengers can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Our Truck Accident Attorney at Caputo & Mariotti can assist you in submitting a claim for compensation if you were hurt in a truck accident in Pennsylvania.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents & Serious Injuries

Serious injuries are more common in truck accident cases involving passenger cars than in crashes involving two or more passenger automobiles. The effects of a truck accident can occasionally last a lifetime, so you must get the money you require to cover your current and future medical and life care costs.

The following are the top reasons for these accidents and injuries:

1. Overspeeding

Trucks are difficult to stop, particularly when they are hauling a hefty load. Consequently, excessively fast driving can have terrible and disastrous results. Speeding and passing too closely may eventually result in the driver losing control, particularly if the vehicle is not properly maintained. Similarly, if a driver is texting or taking a phone call while distracted, they risk losing control of the vehicle and causing a dangerous accident resulting in serious injuries or even death.

2. Not Adhering to Blind Spots

The blind spot warning is provided because inadequate monitoring of the surrounding area and other vehicles is a major factor in truck accidents that result in fatalities or severe injuries.

3. Lack of Truck Maintenance

Maintenance on large trucks is quite labor-intensive. Truck drivers are required to keep their vehicles in good working order by transport companies, as well as by state and federal legislation. Truck drivers are responsible for keeping their vehicles well-maintained and operating as they should. This comprises the tires, lighting, steering, windshield and wipers, and brakes. Truck drivers must also maintain maintenance logs.

4. Equipment Fault

Manufacturers of trucks and parts are obligated to guarantee the proper design, production, and operation of their products. Trucks might become more dangerous if they have recalled or defective parts. In such situations, manufacturers may be held accountable.

5. Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Everyone finds driving to be more dangerous when the weather is bad. Poor weather conditions have a bigger effect on truck drivers. A huge truck’s ability to withstand inclement weather might affect how securely a load is kept in place. Tires and cargo may be impacted by temperature changes. To handle bad weather, truck drivers need to have the right training. The proper braking strategies for different weather conditions, as well as how to handle events like hydroplaning or jackknifing, should all be taught to drivers.

6. Truck Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the main factors in truck accidents. Truck drivers are typically put through long, tedious shifts and favor nighttime driving. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that exhaustion and drowsiness might develop quickly.

Common Injuries after a Truck Accident

Back and neck injuries, broken bones, head and brain injuries, internal trauma, lacerations, burns, whiplash, seat belt injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and in the worst cases, death, are among the common injuries sustained in trucking accidents.

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