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Tractor Trailer Accidents Are Preventable

January 7, 2022

Often times, accidents involving 18-wheelers are due to driver error such as speeding, driving while fatigued, and lack of paying attention to road and driving conditions. Other times, it could be company error, meaning inexperienced drivers were hired or ones with inadequate training. Operating an 18-wheeler is not an easy job. Operating a vehicle of that size greatly increases the risk of there being an accident at some point. There are certain regulations and requirements that need to be met in order for drivers to operate safely. Some of these regulations are things that don’t apply to other drivers using regular vehicles. Because of that, commercial truck drivers have to have specialized training that is not required of the general public. In short, 18-wheeler operators hold a lot of responsibility and a big obligation to the safety of themselves and other drivers.

Typically, establishing fault in an accident involving an error on a truck driver’s part, such as running a light, isn’t too difficult in a lot of cases. But challenging factors can be a part of even those easier cases. Usually it’s necessary to figure out why the driver wasn’t safely or properly operating the truck. Even things such as the the trucking company’s hiring process and background can come into question. That’s because this directly relates to the training and vetting of drivers. Oftentimes, most accidents are preventable, just by hiring and training well-qualified individuals.

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trucking accidents are preventable

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