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What to Do if You’re Hurt at Work

April 4, 2019

Getting hurt at work can certainly add an extra level of complications to the already difficult situation of being injured. There are a number of very important things to remember if you’re hurt on the job to ensure that you are protected.

Don’t Wait to Report your injury to your employer.

One of the most important things you should do is to report your injury IMMEDIATELY. Informing your manager, supervisor, and human resources in a timely fashion will help support your claim, making it easier to prove that you were really injured on the job. Also, in Pennsylvania, if you don’t report your injury within the appropriate time frame, your claim could be denied.

Workers’ Compensation covers a wide variety of injuries.

All injuries or diseases which arise out of or within the scope of employment, or which occur on your employer’s premises are covered.  This includes injuries resulting in scarring, loss of limbs, general injuries, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, injuries obtained from repetitive use, a variety of diseases including lung cancer or hearing loss, as well as death.

What you may think to be just a minor injury could later develop serious complications, which is why it is so important to report all injuries received at work immediately.

Does fault matter?  Workers’ compensation is paid without regard to fault of injuries. It does not matter whether the employer was negligent, caused the injury, or even if the employee contributed to his own injuries.

What NOT to do.

Do not blame prior injuries. We remind our clients of this, because if you have worked at your job for a long time with no problem, then the job may be the factor that is causing the injury to flare up.

  • Do not accept sick time or cash in lieu of compensation … ever.
  • Do not sign anything. Supplemental or termination agreements could likely restrict your ability to recover compensation.
  • Do not use your medical insurance to cover medical costs.

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