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August 29, 2022

Due to the unacceptably great amounts of cancer-causing substances detected in over-the-counter and pharmaceutical Zantac products, numerous cancer cases as well as other health-related problems have resulted in the filing of Zantac lawsuits. Individuals who have taken Zantac and had health problems may be qualified to make a claim.

Numerous Zantac lawsuits have been filed in the United States against the makers of Zantac for failing to warn and safeguard users against the cancer-causing effects of the medication. You may be able to work with our Zantac lawsuit lawyers at Caputo & Mariotti to file a Zantac lawsuit claim.

Consumption of Zantac

People typically take Zantac, an over-the-counter drug, when they have gastrointestinal problems caused by stomach acid, such as:

  • Reflux of acid
  • Esophagitis with reflux
  • Extra stomach acid
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Disease of the gastroesophageal reflux

What Kind of Cancer Is Caused by Zantac?

Ranitidine contains NDMA, a form of nitrosamine, which are chemical substances that are frequently cancer-causing. In laboratory animals, nitrosamines can result in liver and other organ cancers. According to the classification of NDMA as a potential human carcinogen, it may result in cancer with prolonged exposure and raises the risk of malignancies of the liver, kidney, and lungs in particular. Even with little exposure, NDMA can harm the liver in addition to possibly causing cancer.

Class Action Lawsuit Involving Zantac And Ranitidine

Zantac has been the target of class action lawsuits from consumers who claim that NDMA, a proven carcinogen, was discovered in the drug. NDMA exposure can harm the liver and potentially result in cancer. In the initial claims, it is alleged that the producers purposefully created and distributed a product that contained dangerously high quantities of NDMA.

What Losses Can Zantac Lawsuits Recover?

If you took Zantac and were later found to have cancer, the following compensation in a Zantac lawsuit claim could be sought on your behalf:

  • Medical costs from the injuries in the past and the future.
  • The injuries’ physical and mental pain and suffering from the past and future as well as from the treatment and recovery period.
  • Wages lost; past and future.
  • Lost earning potential in the past and the future.
  • Lost enjoyment of life in the past and the future.
  • Punitive damages, as necessary.

Contact Our Attorneys For Zantac Cancer Lawsuits

Millions of Zantac users nationwide are assessing their current health and care options to determine the severity of their injuries following the drug’s recall. Our Zantac lawsuit lawyers will fight to make sure you have the best chance to pursue the financial redress you deserve, including the cost of your increased expenses, time off work, and medical treatment.

Your initial move toward financial recovery should be collaborating with an accomplished Zantac lawsuit lawyer at Caputo & Mariotti if you think that your use of Zantac may have caused your cancer.

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