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Above all, I think we all can agree we’re all trying to find happiness in this world. For instance, we can do so in the hobbies we have, the career we work in, or the company we keep. So, when deciding to advance your relationship to being married, it’s a great thing at the time. Unfortunately, the American Psychological Association estimates nowadays, between 40% to 50% of marriages end in divorce or annulment. With this in mind, it’s for sure a tough realization if you’ve gotten to this point. To get started, you should look into speaking with a Hazleton divorce lawyer.

How a Divorce Lawyer in Hazleton Can Help

Surely, coming to this point in your relationship can feel like a stark contrast of emotions compared to when you first got married. So, given all of the emotional items you need to cover on your end, speaking with a divorce lawyer in Hazleton gets you on the right path with the important business at hand.

Show The Grounds for Divorce

So, in most states, there are different sets of rules you need to follow before you can even begin the filing process. Firstly, a divorce lawyer in Hazleton needs to demonstrate on what grounds the divorce is being filed. In Pennsylvania, you need to determine whether it’s a no-fault divorce or a fault divorce.

What is a No-Fault Divorce?

This is when both parties agree their marriage is irreparably broken or in another special circumstance. Secondly, when a member of the couple’s mental condition deteriorates to a point where they need to be committed to a mental health institution for at least 18 months. Also, there needs to be proof that they don’t believe they’ll be released within 18 months of the divorce papers being filed.

What is a Fault Divorce?

When someone in the couple commits an act of adultery, is proven to have already married another person without divorce, or they’ve deserted the home for at least a year, this is what happens.

A Divorce Lawyer in Hazleton PA Helps Plan The Best Future For Your Child

Although you & your estranged spouse may not want to continue your life together, your children may take these times even harder. Understandably, the two pillars of their life splitting up can be quite a traumatic experience for them. Above all, in cases where children are involved, a divorce lawyer in Hazleton PA will help to decide fair custody, alimony, & child support arrangements for the benefit of the child.

Helps Paint a Clear Picture of All Assets Owned For an Equitable Split

Often, one of the biggest hurdles seen in a divorce is getting a clear understanding of what assets get dispersed where. For instance, there have been cases where spouses will actually hide assets from one another in case of a divorce. According to this article detailing ways to do so, there are plenty of people who try this stunt. So, a divorce lawyer in Hazleton PA is able to help uncover these hidden assets bringing them to life for a fairer split.

Why You Need a Hazleton Divorce Lawyer from Caputo & Mariotti

So, should you come to the realization that you need a divorce or annulment, it’s so important that you make sure that you get the right people on your side. Furthermore, with our decades of legal experience, we’ve successfully protected the interests of our clients time & time again. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.