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In essence, we all can agree that finding happiness in life is something we’re all looking for. For example, people can find it in their daily hobbies, their job, or in another person. Be that as it may, the American Psychological Association doesn’t agree. They estimate that between 40% to 50% of married couples in the United States divorce or annul their marriage. Without a doubt, coming to this conclusion is a tough thing to handle. However, if you have your reasons or want to protect yourself, that becomes incredibly important. Above all, it’s important to consult a Pittston divorce lawyer about your case.

Why Divorce Lawyers in Pittston Are Important To Have

Given that there’s such a demand for divorces, that is why you will find a lot of divorce lawyers in Pittston. Another key point to highlight is throughout Pennsylvania in 2018, there were over 33,000 divorces. Additionally, nearly 71,000 marriages happened in 2018 mirroring the national numbers.

Unquestionably, divorce isn’t the only solution you can take to provide a clean solution to your marriage. In particular, you can seek an annulment if you feel the marriage wasn’t legally binding. In the same fashion, going through a separation could give you both the space you’re looking for.

In order to even consider a divorce, there’s most likely a reason for it. Fortunately, divorce is a solution which helps to secure the assets you have while seeking to gain what you’re owed. So, now that you feel divorce is an option you can explore, you should know how divorce lawyers in Pittston can help.

How Divorce Lawyers in Pittston PA Can Help

Lay Out The Grounds for Divorce

Altogether, each state comes with different requirements needed before you can file. Divorce lawyers in Pittston PA need to show the ground in which the divorce is needed. These include:

What is a No-Fault Divorce?
  • When both members of the couple agree their marriage can’t be repaired and is permanently broken.
  • When a mental disorder results in one spouse becoming held in a mental institution for a minimum of 18 months. Also, there needs to be a very slim chance they’ll be released within 18 months of the divorce.
What is a Fault Divorce?

For instance, a fault divorce happens when either members of the couple commit acts including but not limited to:

  • Adultery
  • Bigamous Marriage
  • Deserts the home for at least a year.


Make a Plan For Child Support & Custody

Of course the biggest priority when sorting out a settlement has to be keeping the best interest of the children in mind. Fortunately, divorce lawyers in Pittston PA are going to always make this an important part of the settlement process.


Properly Show All Assets So Property Can Be Divided Correctly

Following the end of a marriage, you’ll see the end of the couple holding property together. For instance, these can consist of real estate property, random material possessions, plus cash and other financial holdings. Additionally, spouses can make it quite difficult for us all to get a clear understanding of the assets they hold. Fortunately, lawyers are able to do the digging they need to do in order to come to a fair settlement when the time should come.


About Caputo & Mariotti’s Pittston PA Divorce Lawyers

So, if you feel that divorce is the only option for you, you need to make sure you get a quality team of Pittston PA divorce lawyers on your side. Fortunately, you’ve found the right team at Caputo & Mariotti. Our team has decades of experience working divorce cases where we protect the best interests of our clients. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Pittston Divorce Lawyer