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The Importance of Contingent Fees

April 4, 2019

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of being seriously hurt and in search of a Scranton personal injury lawyer, understanding what a contingent fee is and how it will affect your case is essential.

What is a Contingent Fee?

Simply put, a contingent fee means that you do not pay any attorney’s fees associated with representation unless a settlement or verdict is obtained in your favor.  Additionally, there are no costs for you unless we recover money on your behalf.

What Do Costs Typically Include?

There are a wide variety of costs often associated with a personal injury case, which may include the following services and items:

  • Investigation
  • Medical Records
  • Filing Fees and Service of Process
  • Transcripts and Depositions
  • Expert Reports on Medical, Liability, and Economic Topics
  • Trial Costs including Exhibits and Expert Testimonies

Why is a Contingent Fee Important?

Some lawyers may request payment of costs before they will agree to proceed with your case. Doing this is impossible for most injured victims due to the potential expense they will incur should a settlement not be awarded. Further, many victims are without the resources to finance expensive litigation against Insurance companies. Litigation expenses can be substantial, because large corporations, hospitals, and insurance companies would prefer to defend their cases and use the cost of litigation as a means to prevent people from pursuing claims against them.

At Caputo and Mariotti, we understand this and take the financial burden and risk associated with pursuing our clients’ cases. This gives you the peace of mind you need to allow you to seek the justice you deserve.

Our firm will never ask for any money for personal injury cases and we will advance all costs in a case. We will never seek recovery of those costs unless we obtain money for you, and there are never any consultation fees.

If you’ve been seriously injured and would like more information, contact us today for a free consultation. At Caputo and Mariotti, our clients always come first.

*Disclaimer – This does not guarantee that you will obtain a certain amount in settlement nor does it guarantee an amount of your settlement.

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