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After being involved in an accident caused by someone’s negligence, it can be difficult to get compensated by the at-fault individual or company. Understandably, the other party will do anything in its power to deny your claim to protect its interests. As medical bills begin to pile up and your finances begin to dwindle, not having the right personal injury lawyer fighting for your behalf complicates the process of making a personal injury claim.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you or a loved one was injured by someone else’s carelessness, you need to consult a Scranton personal injury lawyer at Caputo & Mariotti, P.C. as soon as possible. Contact us now for more information on how our Scranton personal injury lawyers can help you.


Do I Need A Lawyer for My Claim?

Even before you consider filing a claim, the party or parties at fault will be sure to contact their insurance company and attorneys to immediately start reviewing their case. Remember, the main goal of both the insurance company and the other party is to settle your claim with the least amount of money possible. They will look to find ways to deny your claim and use that evidence against you to prove you don’t have a case.

By hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your case, you will have an experienced legal professional guide you through each step you will need to take when filing your claim. The injury attorneys at Caputo & Mariotti will fight to protect you or your loved ones in Scranton when an injury occurs.

There is a lot at stake when filing a personal injury claim in Scranton. Above all, there should be a thorough investigation by our team where we can gather the evidence you need to support your claim. But with the other party already collecting evidence as soon as the accident occurs, how can you gather that information?

Fortunately, this is why you should hire the personal injury lawyers at Caputo & Mariotti. We have access to resources including but not limited to:

  • Accident Reconstructionists
  • Private Investigators
  • Law Enforcement Consultants & Retired State Troopers
  • Medical Doctors

These professionals can piece together what exactly led to your injury and who is responsible for the accident. After all the evidence has been collected, our team will negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement. If negotiations break down and a settlement cannot be reached, our Scranton personal injury attorneys will then represent your best interests in the courtroom. The judge in your case will be able to render a complete judgment based on all the relevant facts presented.

Even if you feel that you're at fault, you should still consult a lawyer's legal advice. Caputo & Mariotti offers a free consultation when you fill out our contact form, so it doesn't cost you a thing.


Common Personal Injury Cases

As we all know, accidents happen all of the time. Fortunately, the way that the legal system is run in the United States, there are ways to get compensation for what you're owed.

There are all types of injuries and incidents that Caputo & Mariotti have dealt with in our decades of experience. These include slip and fall accidents, product liability, wrongful death, and many others. However, the following three are the most common ones:

Medical Malpractice in Scranton, PA

Medical malpractice claims are made when a health care provider's practices affect your life through negligence or omission. The negligence could come in either a medical error, in the form of misdiagnoses leading to incorrect treatment, or lapses in aftercare or health management. Unfortunately, medical errors are an all too common occurrence.

Some examples of mistakes that can be made that fall under Scranton medical malpractice are:

  • Failure to adequately inform a patient of the risks associated with a specific treatment
  • Prolonging the diagnosis of a disease or condition
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of any condition
  • Conducting surgery on the wrong body part
  • Mismanagement of post-operative care
  • Performing an incorrect operation based on condition
  • Medical Professional fails to implement satisfactory testing for diagnosis
  • Fortunately, our Scranton personal injury attorneys are here to inform you of the ways to get compensation for your medical malpractice claim

Another form of medical malpractice is birth injury. Our birth injury lawyers will fight for you in cases of medical negligence during pregnancy and childbirth. These problems can affect both the mother and/or baby.

If you think you or your loved one has suffered from a medical malpractice issue, it's important to contact a Scranton personal injury lawyer at Caputo & Mariotti.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

You will likely have some sort of involvement in a car accident at some point in your life, especially if you routinely drive on the roads in our area such as I-81, the Central Scranton Expressway, and the Casey Highway. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 125,267 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania in 2019 with 2,533 accidents happening in Lackawanna County. PennDOT averages indicate that there are 9 people with injuries due to car accidents every hour with one death every 8 hours. With all of these injuries occurring, consulting a Scranton car accident lawyer with experience in personal injury might be your best course of action.

A car accident in which you are not at fault makes contacting an auto accident lawyer immediately even more important! The other person involved in your accident is likely to call their insurance and lawyers quickly and they will be working on their claims to pay the least amount possible. It's important to seek the legal advice of a personal injury lawyer to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Workplace Injuries

So many people suffer injuries while on their job. These range from a simple slip and fall injury to something as severe as a collision or crash. In most cases, your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance available or will try to block your claim from progressing. The only option you may have is to file a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim (or both) against the company. If your company refuses to file your claim or its insurance company denies your claim, a competent workers injury lawyer such as Caputo & Mariotti can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Know that the second you are hurt on the job, your company is calling its legal team and insurance company to make sure it will not have to pay large amounts of compensation. You must do the same by contacting a personal injury lawyer in Scranton PA. Our team will gather all the details of your work accident and prepare your claim while keeping the discussion open and honest. Having a workplace injury lawyer in Scranton will assist in getting the justice you deserve from your company.


How Can You Protect Your Injury Claim?

Did you know that the state of Pennsylvania has laws in place to set limits on the amount of time you have to file your injury claim? It is extremely important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you can so that your claim is filed within these major deadlines. The lawyers at Caputo & Mariotti will review and investigate your claim immediately to ensure all evidence is available and any witness memories are still at the top of their minds. Give us a call today to ensure your claim is protected and we can begin the investigation process.

When a personal injury occurs to you or a loved one it can be hard to be in the correct state of mind, but it’s important to take proper steps to strengthen your claim. First and foremost, focus on your health and seek immediate medical attention. Be sure after you’re in stable condition to be sure to follow a few steps to provide a strong claim.

If anyone is present at the scene of the injury, it's very important to get the names and contact information of all witnesses. Have witnesses and yourself write down as many details about the event that has occurred. It’s important to do this right after the event to make sure the details are still clear and precise in your mind. Keep yourself a journal of the event. Write down important dates and any long-term effects, lost wages, treatments, etc. Photos of the accident scene, as well as your injuries, will only strengthen your claim. It’s important to keep a file of doctor and police reports related to your case as well. All these details will help strengthen your case and help your injury lawyer.


What Does a Personal Injury Litigation Cover?

Before you know what type of compensation you receive from a personal injury claim, you need to understand what is considered a personal injury in the eyes of the law. A personal injury claim compensates victims of an accident or wrongdoing after the negligence of another individual or organization caused an injury or loss to the victim. There are four main elements of negligence that you will need to prove:

  • The party responsible for the injury owed the victim a duty of care. For example, a customer slips on a patch of ice in front of the store's entrance that should have been cleaned up. As a result, the customer breaks their hip.
  • The party failed to meet their duty of care towards you. Using the example above, it was the responsibility of the business owner to clean up the ice to protect the safety of those entering the store.
  • The direct cause of those actions caused your injuries or a loss. Because the business owner failed to clean up the ice, the customer slipped. This resulted in an injury.
  • The damages are a result of those actions. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of income can all be attributed to this accident, which could have been avoided if the business owner had not failed in his duty of care.

If the court finds in favor of your claim, you could receive two types of compensation: economic and non-economic damages. Economic refers to the actual financial loss accrued such as medical bills and lost wages. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and any distress you may have received after the accident, such as mental or emotional.


The Personalized Legal Guidance You Need

Our client’s wellbeing is our number one goal and priority at Caputo & Mariotti. We know that no two claims are ever the same and this is why we provide top-of-the-line personal legal guidance to each of our clients. Each step of a case involves different guidance and advice that our lawyers can educate and inform you of the necessary processes and next steps.

Our team of Scranton personal injury lawyers meets with respected and educated experts to assist with each case’s preparations. By working closely with doctors, pharmacists, forensic specialists, mechanics, and more, we can develop and negotiate the best settlement for your case. The lawyers at Caputo & Mariotti invite these experts to your trial to provide precise and professional testimonies.


Looking For A Scranton Personal Injury Lawyer?

At Caputo & Mariotti, when you hire us you get justice. We strive to deliver compassionate counsel while aggressively fighting for a fair settlement for you. With over 55 years of combined legal experience and a proven track record, you can be sure that our Scranton personal injury lawyers will take total control of your case and put you in the best position for a successful outcome.

The clock is ticking and you can’t wait much longer to file your claim. If you live in or near Scranton, PA, and were injured because of someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Contact Caputo & Mariotti now for a free initial consultation.