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Hazleton Workers Compensation Lawyer

Generally speaking, when you’re working somewhere you’re supposed to be as protected as possible against injuries. However, no matter what profession you’re in, the only certainty is uncertainty, As a result, on the job injuries can require you to get medical attention & miss time off of work. So, in order to be sure you’re protected while you’re on the job, you should contact a Hazleton workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

How a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Hazleton Recommends You to Proceed

Remember that Your Safety is the Most Important Consideration

Above all, the most minute details can drastically alter your case. So, it’s important that as soon as something happens, get yourself taken care of first & foremost. After you’re safe & taken care of, it’s important to recall all of the specific details related to what happened.

In addition, you should report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. In fact, you need to report your injury within 120 days to your employer. So, if you do not meet the deadline, you may not be eligible to receive benefits.

Gather the Relevant Information & Form a Plan with a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Hazleton

So, once you’re safe & have gathered your information, you really should take time to discuss your case with a workers compensation lawyer in Hazleton. Consider that even though your employer may have taken care of you for your injury, there still may be instances they violated the law. As a result, this may have ended up causing your injury in the first place. So, to make sure something like what happened to you doesn’t happen to anyone else, a message needs to be heard loudly & clearly.

Why You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Hazleton PA

These Injuries Are Expensive to Treat

As a result of growing medical costs, even people who work a consistent job and have decent health have trouble paying medical expenses. So, when an injury happens causing you to miss work and incur additional medical costs, the burden is even larger. This doesn't even include any of the routine bills you have to pay while you are out of work. Groceries, child care, car payments, insurances -- it all adds up.

Your Employer May Not Be Forthcoming About What Benefits You’re Entitled To

In the event that you get injured & you’ve done everything you needed to do, you may have one more hurdle: your employer. Generally, your employer is going to handle their worker’s compensation insurance through an insurance company. As a result, your employer’s insurance company doesn’t have to inform you of all your benefits. So, you can see that while your employer is legally responsible for your safety on the job, their insurance company may not take the initiative.

However, if you’re represented by a workers compensation lawyer in Hazleton PA, we’ll make sure that we get what you deserve from the insurance company. With our experience working as a workers compensation lawyer in Hazleton PA. We've fought hard for the needs of our clients.

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Above all, at the Law Offices of Caputo & Mariotti, we take lots of pride in defending our clients & getting them what they deserve. In our decades of experience, we’ve helped fight for the benefits our clients deserve. As a result of going toe to toe with the insurance companies many times, we understand how to best negotiate a settlement and/or pursue your case in court. So, you should schedule a free consultation with Caputo & Mariotti. We’re available for remote consultations as well.