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The Impact of Defective Tires

April 4, 2019

When you have new tires put on your vehicle, they need to be safe … not add potential risk when you and your family are driving. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the tires on your car may have a defect that you’re unaware of, which is why it is extremely important to monitor and check your tires regularly.

Even checking your tires may not reveal an unseen problem which could cause serious harm or injury to you and your loved ones. Some of the issues that can occur include defects that cause blowouts or retreads long before you would normally think it’s time for your tires to be replaced. Any defects can greatly shorten the lifespan of a seemingly normal tire, putting you and your family at risk.

Defects can have an extremely negative impact, one of the most common being car crashes. Defects that cause car crashes are compounded when the weather is bad and you’re at a time when you’re relying on your tires the most.  Air, sunlight, and heat can cause the rubber the tires are made of to break down, and in tires that are defective, this breakdown process can happen faster than you would normally expect.

Defective tires can also cause serious injuries or death to the vehicle occupants, particularly in accidents that involve the rollover of your vehicle. If there is a defect discovered in a tire by the manufacturer, the manufacturer must inform the public of the defect and the potential risk associated with it. It is the consumer’s right to know, and failure to follow through with offering the information to the public is a serious offense.

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